About 3D printing

3D Printing is a process of developing physical model using Computer Aided design ( CAD) data.

3D Printing is also called Additive manufacturing or Rapid prototyping. It creates products by adding material Layer by Layer. This allows generating increate complex geometric design.

To understand What 3d printing exactly is, please watch this video

3D Printing is used to produce products in consumer, industrial, medical and medical markets, automotive, mobile phones, airspace industry. It is also used to make mold. The cost of molded components has greatly reduced by 3D Printing.

The different types of 3D printing processes as well as the various 3D printers used for each technology are as follows:

What are some the amazing things 3D printing can do:

1. Modelling - Build scaled up or scaled down models and use it various applications like in the case on the James Bond movie Skyfall, the below Aston Martin model was used

(Image Source - The Register )

2. Customization - Allows you to customize things to suit your requirments.

a. Below is an example where a proestetic limb is printed customised to the users anatomy, taste and style

(Image source - Inhabitat )

b. 3D printed Clothing and Shoes

(Image Source - strvct)

3. Medical field - Can be used for educational and research purposes. It could also print patent specific anatomy models

(image source - 3Dprint)

4. Classic - A working Heedle loom

(Image Souce - Thingiverse)

5. Architecture - Helps in building protypes and scaled models

(image source - Midweststudios)

The applications of 3D printing are only limited upto our imagination. So Just Think it and Print it!!!!!