3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services

Emagine 3D is a 3D Printing service provider in India. We also support of 3D design services. We support 3D Printing services for Engineers, Architects, Art houses educational institutes.

We support many Multinational companies on their Rapid prototyping requirements. Our turnaround time to complete the job is just more than a day.

Mail us on Info@emagine3d.com get a quick quote for your product.

Below are some of the work that we have done for our esteemed clients:

ITC Foods Pvt Ltd.

Helping ITC build some of their prototypes was one of the great opportunities we got. Though we are not allowed to share the prototypes, we hope you will see them soon in the market. Impressed with the great turnaround time of less than a day we further ended up getting many more orders and orders from another department in ITC as well. We also ended up 3D printing a mold which can be used to make their prototypes using Polycarbonate material which has a higher heat resistance which was the requirement of our client. Though we struggled a lot printing this Polycarbonate (PC) material initially, we are happy that we were able to deliver and that too of very good quality. WE learnt a lot from this project. Thanks to ITC foods for believing in us.

Art Show

Meeting the requirements of an artist was one of the most challenging projects till date. Printing from food items like chilies, onions, fishes, almonds to kitchen items like spoons, pan with omelet, tables and chairs, lunch boxes was very interesting and was also an amazing experience for us pushing our capabilities and imagination. Until we started this project, we never knew that even such items could be printed so beautifully with 3D printing. We also printed a refrigerator with an open able door. This not only amazed the customer but us too. We would to thank our Artist friend for believing in us and giving us this challenging project.

Kitchen Masala items like Red Chilies, Green chilies, Ginger and Onion Coke bottles in a crate Tiffen boxes or Dabbas

Refrigerator with the door opened Refrigerator after painting Table and Chairs Kitchen Cabinet


This project was for an architecural requirment where the client needed front views of different buildings for a ashow. This being one of our first big orders, we learnt a lot from this project and was of great importance to us. Here are shome pictures of what we printed fof them.

More of our work coming soon......... :)